My father, Kermit Meredith, joined the United States Army in 1938.  As a child of the Great Depression, he shared with me that after he joined the military, it was the first time he could ever remember his stomach being full!  The Army became his home.  When World War II finally involved our country, he was one of the few men with actually military experience.  So, the first part of the war was spent state-side training other soldiers.  Upon victory in Europe, he was sent to war in the Pacific Theatre and saw action; most notably in the Battle of Peleliu.

He loved the Army, but second only to his love of his family and his country.  He passed his love of country to all of his children.  He was of the Greatest Generation; a generation for whom we shall always be indebted.

Many wars have been fought since World War II, but the proud traditions of duty, honor and love of country have never been diminished by our fighting men and women of our armed services.  They have paid the ultimate sacrifice, and I, personally, will never forget them or abandon them.  No price is too big to ensure the health and welfare of all of our veterans.  Our district is blessed with a large number of service veterans who now call this part of Kentucky their home.  As a state senator, I will do everything within the power of my position to champion their causes and attempt to repay them for the tremendous debt we all owe them. 

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