Fiscal Responsibility

Pension Crisis - Our state is teetering on the edge of a financial disaster because of a faltering state and national economy, but also because our government has lived beyond its means and has ignored the financial commitments it has made.  There is no better example of this impending financial crisis than the current position of the retirement plans of state employees which have  unfunded liabilities of billions of dollars, and growing every day.  This is not a new problem.   Our state government has chosen to ignore it for years. 

Tragically, the shortfall in the retirement fund of state employees is only one of the many areas our state government has inadequately funded.  The only solution our state government has found to balance our budget is to borrow from our federal government and shift state funds - the proverbial "robbing Peter to pay Paul."

Job Creation  - Creating new jobs in Kentucky is the best way to ensure financial stability for our state and generate tax revenue sufficient to meet our financial needs and obligations.  While Kentucky supposedly has one of the lowest unemployment rate in our state's history, no one can reasonably argue our state has recovered from the 2008 recession.  In terms of adequate wages and benefits for Kentucky citizens, jobs created since that time have not replaced the jobs lost .  Our state government needs to identify and eliminate any and all barriers to jobs creation in Kentucky. 

Tax Reform - A critical element in creating new jobs and finding financial solvency for the state is the overhaul of an antiquated tax code which punishes productivity and rewards consumption.  Since 1982, Kentucky has funded 12 studies on its tax code and each study has shown that our present tax code is an obstacle to economic development and job creation. Yet, our state goverment has continued to ignore the problem; opting instead to cut the state budget and not pay its legal obligations, year end and year out.  Tax reform should be an immediate action in Frankfort.

Re-inventing Government - Mark Twain supposedly said he hoped he would be in Kentucky when the world comes to an end because everything happens 20 years later in Kentucky!  How Kentucky conducts its business is no exception. State government needs to take a critical look into how it conducts its business and adopt the same principles and practices as found in the real business world.. 

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