One of my proudest acheivements during my 30 year tenure as the CEO of Twin Lakes Regional Medical Center was providing the leadership in making the Leitchfield Campus of the Elizabethtown Community and Technical College a realilty for Grayson County.  Not only does its presence provide access to a quality college eduation, it has created jobs while putting over a million dollars a year in the pockets of  local citizens have saved in travel costs.



Neither of my parents had more than an eighth grade education, but no one understood or appreciated the value of education more than they did.  And, this appreciation was instilled in both of my sisters and me.  I cannot remember a time while we were growing up that we did not know a college education was in our future, and our parents saved and sacrificed to ensure we would get a college degree someday.

If Kentucky is going to compete in the new global marketplace, the lack of a quality education is no longer just an option.  The very success of our state rests upon having a qualified, trained and skilled workforce to meet the needs of present and prospective employers.

Yet, state government continues to cut funding to all levels of our educational system, but still demanding increased accountability of our teachers to provide quality education without providing them with the resources to accomplish this task. This is like sending soldiers into battle without guns and ammunition. Continued cuts of this magnitude will harm our schools  our children and our employers for years to come.  Local school districts have had no other means of making up these funding cuts than by increasing local property taxes; thus placing a hidden tax and additional financial burden on communities who can least afford it.

At the same time, cuts to funding for our universities have resulted in higher tuition for our students and their parents who are already struggling financially to pay for their children's education.  During the past decade, the University of Kentucky's tuition increased by 147% while Western Kentucky University's tuition increased by a staggering 179%.  These increases represent nothing more than a hidden tax on parents and young people trying to improve the quality of life for themselves and their families.

Adequate funding for education has to be a priority for Kentucky!

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